Boatbuilders' Gathering 2008
Lake Guntersville, Alabama
October 24 - 26, 2008

Please enjoy the videos!

Glen-L 2008 Gathering at Lake Guntersville, Alabama

This 23 minute video shows Highlights of the 2008 Gathering. See boats in action, comments from builders and get a sense of the fun that we all had.

Sea Knight built by Bob Maskel

See Bob Maskel’s Sea Knight, which he towed all the way from Minnesota to the Gathering in Alabama for the second year. Bob talks about his project and family involvement.
2 minutes

Hot Rod built by Paul Kane

Paul describes in detail his engine installation in this 17' Inboard Ski boat called the "Hot Rod". Paul is a motor expert and has added some unique features to his boat. His Hot Rod didn't quite get done in time for the 2008 Glen-L Gathering at Lake Guntersville, AL, but it will be ready to run next year!

Hunky Dory built by Harold Peterman

Harold built his 22' dory using the Glen-L "Hunky Dory" plans and patterns (also available for aluminum construction). Harold discusses his build which he and his wife camped on for the 2008 Gathering of Boat Builders at Lake Guntersville, Alabama in October.
3 minutes.

Squirt built by Allen Blackwell

Allen tells about his 10' runabout built using Glen-L's "Squirt" plans & patterns.
3 minutes

Sweet Caroline built by Porter Harvey

Porter Harvey, builder of the Glen-L Sweet Caroline, describes in detail his innovations to this dory design to utilize a Wisconsin Air-Cooled motor. Porter is a disabled vet with severe learning disabilities who has overcome these obstacles with his ingenious ideas that have fascinated many.
14 min 23 sec.

Tubby Tug built by Kevin Brown – Flowery Branch, Georgia

Kevin describes his building of the Glen-L Stitch and Glue Tubby Tug. This is a 9' Tugboat for "kids" of all ages. Kevin built this little boat for his 4 year old daughter.
2 min 48 sec.