RC Model X1 by Chip Pryor, Ridge Spring, South Carolina

February 4, 2009

Hi, My name is Chip Pryor. I live in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. I discovered your website over a year ago and what a site! Just when I think I have explored all of it I find something new. After looking at plans, building methods and customer photos I decided to build my grandsons a Tubby Tug to use on our pond.

Having no boat building experience I purchased plans for the RC model X1. Since both are built using stitch-n-glue, I figured it would give me a chance to work with resin and fiberglass before starting the Tug. I would recommend this to anyone that hasn't done stitch-n-glue before. It allows you to work with resin, fillets, glass, paints, wood, etc. before starting a larger project. My plans for Tubby Tug were delivered a couple of weeks ago. I will be ordering the resin and fiberglass kits from Glen-L shortly.

Back to the X1, I do have experience building model boats (Boothbay Lobster Boat, Steam Launch, Sail, etc.). I have been searching for a model wooden shrimp boat to build, but with no luck. My Dad used to own Shrimp boats that operated out of Beaufort, South Carolina. So what I decided to do with the X1 hull was to build a "shrimping boat" as Forrest would say.

Here are a few photos of my X1:

The first picture is the stitching of the marine grade plywood. An extra set of hands provided by oldest son was a great help (he is an uncle to my grandsons, they are my oldest daughter's sons).

The second picture is after the stitching.

The third picture shows the hull after being glassed. I wish I hadn't planned on painting it from the start. Would have been more careful with the filler. It is awesome except where filler was used.

The last picture shows the cabin coming together. Notice the custom stand. It will be extended to help balance.

I did away with the drop in the deck at the cabin. After installing the cabin I plan on building the outriggers, nets, working lights, etc..

Again great site. I know my small build doesn't measure up to the rest on your site, but I thought I would share my idea of building a scale model. Maybe somebody else thinking about building a stitch-n-glue boat would like my idea of practice.

If you are interested on my progress on the X1 let me know, I will be glad to update. Looking forward to starting Tubby Tug. (I think it will be easier).


March 12, 2009

I wanted to update you on my projects. There hasn't been much done on the model shrimp boat, had to shift attention to our garage in order to start the Tubby Tug. After cleaning and some minor repairs it looks like a fresh coat of paint is next. (Ever noticed how one thing leads to another) I received my Glen-L stitch-n-glue kit for the tug last week and now I'm waiting on the marine plywood I ordered.

Back to the model. Here are a few pictures. The first is of the hull painted. The second is the gluing of the outer sheer and cap. The last one shows the deck and cabin in place, but the roof needs to be redone.

P.S. I have been informed by my wife that since I have been building the model in the house that I have to build her a custom gazebo (all cutting and sanding were done outside).