Tunnel Mite by Randy Graunstadt, Walled Lake, Michigan

February 8, 2009

Thanks for the plans! This is my version of the Tunnel Mite,though I cannot take credit for the beautiful paint job. That goes to my friend Barry Cox. I always wanted to build a boat, but never really thought I would do it. It was a fun project, mostly done on the weekends. I did modify a few things. I doubled the plywood for the transom, added a cowl for the speedometer, used pour-in floatation inside, and made a wood bracket to hold tube for the steering cable. I put a 25-hp Mercury on the back, though the carb was all gunked from sitting. We had it to 30 mph, and with a good cleaning I'm sure we'll get a little more. My son Trey can't wait till this summer, since the boat wasn't finished untill the end of 2008 season.

Thanks again!.

--- Randy