Fisherman by Dave Wilson

28 May 2010

I found what I believe to be a Glen-L Fisherman advertised on a fishing site called Lake-Link. I was told the boat had been bought at an auction. It appeared to be in pretty good shape, but in need of a total refinishing.

The previous owner had put a false floor in it which did not allow any possibility of getting water from under the floorboard, which caused some problems. I removed the floor and took the boat to bare wood inside and out. I had to do some improvising on the bottom at the transom, but the end product is well worth it.

I have run the boat with a 1950 Mercury KG7, a 1951 Mercury KG4, a 1952 Mercury KH7, and a 1953 Mercury Mark 20. The GPS showed 28 MPH with the KH7, and the boat handles well. I showed this boat at the Chicago Boat and Travel Show this year, and heard a lot of nice comments.