Malahini by Dave Milam, Charleston, West Virgina

11 August 2010

31 January 2011 Update

It occurred to me I haven't sent in any updates in a while. This project is progressing much more slowly than I would like. Now that we out of the holidays I was hoping to resume at better pace. Unfortunately I did a major number on my back recently- just doing what I can, when I can. Anyway, the frames are in place; stem, keel, and sheers are in place. I broke one of the chines while dry fitting- was able to fix it with a scarf joint (Poxy Grip is our friend!). The other chine is secured to the frames. Right now, it's about 3" from the chine block- holding it in place with a bar clamp and have it wrapped in towels and poured boiling water on it to help it bend. Incidentally, the Glen-L Poxy Grip is some really good stuff.

I'm looking forward to having a boat on the water and my wife is looking forward to having her garage back!