Bo Jest by Bill McComb, Davidson, North Carolina

18 February 2011 (Cont'd)

Beginning deck framing.

Transom detail. I designed two storage compartments located above the aft seat to be sheathed with Sapele Mahogany

The completed skeg showing the stern bearing housing.

Bulwark, cabin clamp, coaming, framing and bunk framing. I installed teak on the deck.

I made a BowSpirit from teak, but it can not be installed until the BO JEST is taken out of the garage. I designed an anchor locker and adjustable table for the trunk cabin. I relocated the "head" to the port side, just forward of frame #3. A water tank will be installed just aft of frame #5 and the diesel fuel tank will be installed just forward of frame #3. A hanging locker is going to be installed on the starboard side just forward of the bulkhead to allow for additional foot room for sleeping.

Partially completed side storage locker compartments.

Partially completed trunk cabin table in upright position.

Chain pipe and Bullard installed deck jest aft of breast hooks. I installed three Hawes pipes on each side.