TNT by Lee DenBraber, Peoria, Illinois

15 March 2011

August, 2010. Here is the wood for our boat. Phillipine mahogany lumber and Meranti BS1088 mahogany plywood. We started our build, working on the building form, in late July, 2010.

The building form. I had to fortify it with more wood later because some of the 2x4s warped.

Transferred frame drawings to building table using carbon paper for ease of frame assembly.

Transferring individual frame member drawings to the lumber. The paint cans hold the paper in place. There is carbon paper under the white paper. You can see little square cutouts. That helps locate the frame member drawing.

October, 2010. Completed frames.

My trusty helper. Cutting out the stem.

Completed transom.

The frame members were cut not quite up to the marked lines. I finished the members using this belt sander. I also used this sander to sand the 12 degree angle on the bottom of the transom

November, 2010. Frames, transom, and keel mounted to the building form. Notice how the building form has extra 2x4s added due to warping of the original 2x4s.

Using a plumb bob to locate the stem.

This is how I mounted the transom to the building form.