Super Spartan by Jamie Crocker, Ontario, Canada

25 August 2010

Thank you for the Super Spartan plans. After about six months of on and off work the boat was finally completed! There were few difficulties along the way, but come the middle of August 2010 the boat was launched.

The entire boat has been sealed with epoxy and all seams have been filleted. Marine grade plywood was used throughout and a combination of spruce and white ash were used for the structurual components. Although there is no steering system shown in the photos (except for the tiller on the motor) I plan on installing a pulley system during the winter (the holes for the steering wheel can be seen drilled in the dash if you look closely).

Power is provided by a 2002 Mercury 9.9 2 stroke, which is able to rocket the boat to speeds of 27mph with a 165lb driver onboard. Overall, the boat handles well (even without a turn fin - an addition to the boat that will also be installed during the winter) and is able to get up on plane quickly.

I had a great time building this hydro and once again, thanks for the plans.