Power Skiff 14' by Greg Hamilton, Derry, New Hampshire

21 September 2009

I built this from your plans in the winter of 2007, making some changes to the design like adding 9" to the freeboard seeking to be more sea worthy. I also added flooring and motor well and filled all compartments forward, mid and aft and under flooring with 15 cubic feet of two part foam.

This was a first time build for me so I just took my time planning out my next move and measured three times before cutting anything. I have just over 400 hours time into this build from the first cut to the last paint brush stroke! Not bad I think for a beginner.

This was one of the best projects I've done, very rewarding. Now my family is enjoying the fruit of my labor!

By the way, this boat is very stable. We have been caught in 3 ft seas every 5 seconds and never felt any major threat (15Hp motor mounted at the time).

Feel free to uses these photos and info on your web site to encourage others!

I could have bought a used fiberglass boat, but everwhere I go I get compliments on the boat, both verbal and a lot of "thumbs up" on the water. "Priceless!"

Thanks again for the journey!