Key Largo by Dave Vangsness, Riverside, California

4 April 2011 (Cont'd)

Each layer was applied with epoxy rolled on with a paint roller and held in place with staples.  I shot the staples through cardboard "washers" and every one was removed after the epoxy dried.  I lost count of the thousands of staples.  I paid the kids 5 cents per staple for removal services.  After all layers were complete, bronze screws and mahogany plugs went around the hull at the chines, sheer and double along the keel.

The hull nearing rough completion before stain and fiberglass.  The mahagony sides have been applied and the bottom fairing is nearly complete.

My youngest boy helping out.  He will be 13 by the time we have the 'sea trials' in 2011!

My oldest boy who will be 19 and home from college for Spring Break on 'sea trials' day!

The hull receiving the single layer of fiberglass cloth used on the entire hull.  It is draped and ready for epoxy 'wetting out.'

The hull after fiberglass cloth and receiving multiple additional coats of epoxy resin.  The shaft hole is visible, but was actually drilled before the fiberglass was applied.