Subject: Completed Riviera !
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 14:58:30 -0500
From: Bill Yonescu

Dear Glen-L,

While it took longer than I anticipated, the finished boat came out nicely. I started this one (The Riviera) and it's sister (The Monaco) in November of '98. I had just finished "Topper" and wanted to build something a little bigger. While there were some efficiencies in building two at a time, I left the Monaco with one layer on it's bottom and concentrated completely on finishing the Riviera.

It was late Halloween Day when I finally got to try it out. WOW, is an understatement!! I only got about 2 hours of running before dark, I can't wait until next spring. With the 350 CU.IN MAG MPI (315 HP) it does 30 MPH at 2800 RPM. With a "RED Line" of 5100 RPM...... well next spring will tell.

I've included some photos of it taken along the way. The plans were great...faired very well, though I had to raise the sheer line and deck crown a total of 3 inches to accommodate the engine. I any readers would like more particulars they should e-mail me.

Thanks to my family and friends for their help at crucial times.

Bill Yonescu