Dear Sir,

Enclosed are pictures of two of your designs. I made a few changes, raised the deck 1" forward, also a stainless steel rail on bow, added a cowl with glove box and grab rail. I lowered front seats between engine beds. I was afraid I couldn't get out in case of a turnover, however, boat is vey stable (good design). Also added a hatch on rear deck for access to jet drive & bilge pumps. Note small outer chine, Mark rounded the corner along the chine and boat porpoised. Outer chine stopped that and also stopped water from climbing up the side of boat at lower speeds. Both boats were fiberglassed both top and bottom. Plans were good requiring only minor tuning. Both boats have 350 Chevy engines. Mark's engine is computerized & mine has a quad 4 carb.

I have built several of your boats & am very satisfied with all. It would be nice if you would include a table of offsets with plans as paper shrinks. If anyone in this area needs help I will be glad to help (no charge). Started boats (2) in Aug & in water the following May. I am retired and I could work 7 days. Mark worked Saturdays and Sundays. He is also very happy with his boat. Many thanks for a good design.

Daniel Gullen, Henderson, NV