boat plans and kits

Subject: Foamee
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000
From: William Quigley


boat plans and kits

This summer I built the Glen-L Foamee to see how I liked building in foam-core fiberglass. Building the boat was great fun and the only difficulties I had were where I decided to get creative and depart from the instructions. Instructions were clear and precise and made construction of my first boat much easier. I built the Foamee as a dinghy for my 28-foot sailboat, but this winter's project will be building and installing a mast, centerboard, and rudder so I can sail her as well. I am also ordering plans for the Sea Kayak as project number two. I will soon have a web site running with a description of my Foamee project but in the mean time I have attached a few pictures.

Bill Quigley