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Subject: A new TnT for Posting
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000
From: Mike Moore

Hi, my name's Mike Moore. I'm 20 years old from Newmarket On, Canada. I keep my boat at my Cottage on Healey Lake On, just out side of Mactier Ontario. My dad and I have sent the last two years working on our TNT. I would like to post my boat on your site with the rest of the lovely TNT you have. Now I'll start to explain what we have done. The length was increased 4 inches in the back behind the divers seat. The hull was professional fibor glassed and gel coated, Seven coats so far on the deck of varnish, 2 go-kart seat side by side, all Mercury components Tech, Speedo and control box. A friend of mine that owns 3M Trim Line of Newmarket did the graphic. The TnT on the side is mirrored and the Merc Racing was custom made. The Fiberglass hull is highly recommended in my book. It added about 60 lbs. but the weight is low and it is indestructible now. The motor is a 25 Merc Stock electric start with a 18 inch Mercury Racing copper which so far after two weekend pushed the boat to 42 mile per hour. I have a line on a very rare 25 Xs that would be nice. Maybe before the summers out I will put reeds in the stock motor, something to keep me busy, will see. It tends to porpoise a little but there is no weight in the front. I would recommend a built in gas tank to keep the weight balanced. Oh and I placed a piece of plywood under the seats to act as a sub-floor and so I could put a carpet down. Most important is that there is a squeegee under the passager seat a must if you intend to corner with some control. Thank you for making a great design. The fun has just started.

Thanks Mike

Note: Normally we would not expect fiberglassing to exceed 15 to 20 lbs. - brw