Boatbuilding at home

Subject: Boat Project Registry
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000
From: Neil Gaughan

Hi Glen-L,

BASSBOAT / Neil Gaughan / / 8-22-00: Battens bent, keel, stem and bowpiece fairing complete. Side planking installed. Next step is bottom planking.

Boatbuilding at home Fairing the bow piece.

I am including a few .jpg pictures showing work in progress on the batten bending, bowpeice fairing, and sheer straightening. I will take a few more pictures before the bottom planing goes on. Note how I bent the battens. This method of bending to shape took about 3 weeks of gradually tightening the lines to pull each batten down. I didn't need hot water, and a couple of the battens had minimal thinning.