Boatbuilding at home
Boatbuilding at home

Subject: Boat Project Registry
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000

Hi Glen-L,

Port and Starboard side planking faired to Chine. Scallops in battens completed. Bottom planking butt blocks installed. 1st aft bottom panel installed. Next step is 2nd aft bottom plank, and then the two front bottom planks, which will be harder.

I am including a few more .jpg pictures showing work in progress. The best ones are of my son and I installing the 1st bottom plank. We had to work fast as it was a race to finish before the plastic resin glue set up. The scallops in the battens were done by hand using a wood rasp. This took about an hour, and the scallops are about 1/2" deep.

I used mahogany to back up the butt joints on both the side and bottom planks.

Neil Gaughan

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