Boatbuilding at home


Subject: Pictures of completed boats
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000

I have built two Glen-L boats the 16' Outrage and my current boat is the 20 Renegade. I have been meaning to send you photos of the boats, I am very proud how it turned out and the comments that I get. The Outrage was built when I was 18, I had it in the water in 4 months and had lots of fun. Then I built my current boat the 20 Renegade for more room, power and fuel capacity. It took 5 years to build, but I took time off the buy a house and I have less time of my own now that I am 41. You may see from the pictures that I made some custom modifications to the design. I moved the dash board up 6" and shorted the motor well up.

Boatbuilding at home