Boatbuilding at home

Aug, 2000

Dear Glen-L,

I have enclosed a few snapshots of the Audeen we have just completed. She is a real head turner. I launched her for the first time July 31 of this year. I was sort of concerned that everything would go right, but she went better than I had hoped.

I have a 350 Chev with a B-W 71C Velvet Drive, running a 12 x 16 left hand prop. I wasn't sure what kind of performance I should expect, but after talking with you at Glen-L and other Audeen builders, I thought I would have adequate power. Boatbuilding at home She has power to spare. She pulls out of the water like climbing a ladder. You can feel the whole boat slide right up onto the surface. We spent the afternoon after the shakedown cruise tubing and skiing. I did do some performance options to the motor when I was building it. After seeing what she can do, I think anyone would be happy with just about any V-8, big or small. I want to thank everyone at Glen-L for the help and advise. On many occasions I would call with some questions that I'm sure you thought were pretty elementary, but you answered them politely and with enthusiasm.

Thanks again,
Neil Olson

Boatbuilding at home