Francis Drake - FG (C-Flex version) as built by Mike Worrall
Ready for laminates. (9-26-00)

13 September 2006

Hi Barry:

I've attached a couple recent photos which may be instructive to other FD builders.

I'd describe this as the "first coat of primer stage" of the interior construction. Of note on the 'Port' photo is the beginning of the Ice Box / Chart Table, the hull stiffener, and the Chain Plate Webs (notched over the stiffener). Forward of the Main Bulkhead is the beginnings of the Hanging Locker.

The 'Stbd' photo shows the Galley Area, the Mast Step Beam notched into the Floor Timbers, and way forward the bulkhead for the Chain Locker and sail stowage area.

I continue to enjoy the project, and pray that I live long enough to finish it!

Mike Worrall