Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 00:19:18 -0800

Hello! I'm Cliff Steele....60 yrs old now.. but before my wife and I were married, I bought one of your wonderful frame kits. Sandy and I built it in a garage that we rented. The little boat was "Tuffy", it was 12 or 13 feet long. I was able to buy a closeout outboard motor for her for $200.00 NEW!! and still in the crate. West Bend pots and pans later decided the marine division wasn't a good idea.

All my young life I had wanted a boat... I built models and wished I could get in one and float across the lakes. After we built Tuffy, I covered her in fiberglass... a new product back then. We found an old trailer in a chicken coop... for $35, it took a week to scrape the chicken dug off!! It was then off to the lake... and what excitement!! Up and down the lake we zoomed... it was breathtaking! I'd guessed it went almost 100mph... but actually about 40. After Sandy and I got married we continued to boat. About 3 yrs later we found a 16 footer with a 105 Chrysler outboard. We were saddened to leave our little Tuffy, but it was to find another owner soon. After the 16 footer, we bought a new 21 foot Winner brand (out of business now). Our 2 children now were getting older, so we bought Bayliner's new aft cabin, 8 beam. It was a wonderfully roomy boat which we still have....22 yrs.

Sandy and I ply the waters of the Great Lakes... Tuffy was also on Lake Michigan. We also boat in the beautiful North Cannel as we write stories for "Heartland Boating Mag". As we look back on our boat building experience with Tuffy from Glen-L, we have nothing but wonderful memories. Your little boat may have had the shortest length, but it gave Sandy and I the chance to get into boating. I have a few photos of little Tuffy about and will scan them and send to you. It's neat to have a company such as yours that also sells people such wonderful memories!!

Most sincerely,
Cliff and Sandy Steele, Rockford, ILL