Subject: Power Skiff 14
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 12:43:23 +0800

Power Skiff 14/Teddy Panganiban/ City/Philippines/Nov 11, 2000. Just completed all epoxy and wood work and the boat is ready for painting. Started in last week of Sept. I used 3/8 inch plywood as the 1/4 inch marine plywood I was being sold was really 3/16 and I felt it was not strong enough for the boat. The result of a thicker plywood was great difficulty in stitching and in fact I broke one panel at the point where the strap was to be placed while assembling the hull and I had to prepare a new panel. It was going to break again so I thought of gluing a piece of 8 inch wide 3/16 plywood (like a butt block) at the part where the panel will break and it worked. I removed it later prior to fiberglassing the outside hull. In the pictures you will notice that I put rigid urethane foam underneath the seats in addition to the cavities fore and aft. Hope this will make up for the heavier weight. I will be painting it this week and probably have a sea trial by next weekend if it doesn't rain. I will use my old 30 hp Mariner outboard (Its really a souped up 25 hp) and see if it works .
The pictures are attached.