Subject: POWER SKIFF 14 (update)
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 23:29:39 +0800

Completed painting during the week. I used four coats of white marine epoxy (2 primer & 2 enamel) paint for hull and clear polyurethane for the seats. I used black epoxy for the sheer.
I placed the boat on top of my Trail-A-Camp camper and motored to Taal Volcano lake about 80 km from Quezon City. The boat is heavier than the 125 lb spec. Needed three men to carry it down to the water. The boat handles well with two on board. I tried running it alone and the bow would rise even after planing. I am not sure if its the engine which weighs 135 lbs or me at 175 lbs. Maybe I should trim the outboard further.
I have attached five pictures taken today 11-19-00 during the sea trial.