13 November 2000

Glen-L Marine
Attention: Mr. Al Perry

Dear Al;

I was very proud to see that you used my "Squirt" on your website. I have received several calls over the last year from people expressing interest, and have even sent some of the callers pictures of the boat, along with answers to their questions (like recommending starting with a frame kit if it's their first boat, etc.).

I wanted to send you some pictures of the boat as it looks today, almost 9 years after I completed it in March 1992. I has been garage kept, and still looks as new as it did in 1992, as you can see. One addition I made a few years ago was a windshield -- which gives the boat a classic sporty look. Please feel free to use them on your website.

Several years ago I purchased a new set of plans from you, "Audeen". However, because I no longer have room in my garage to build it (no way will the Squirt sit outside!!), I am currently building a workshop on the back of our house in which to build a boat. I like the lines of the Audeen, but want to build her as an outboard instead of an inboard, since I know very little about inboards. ....

Once again, I am honored that you have elected to show my boat as an example on your website.

Ron Shady