Subject: Riviera runabout
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 18:24:02 +1300 From: Wayne Cox

WOW! Its great! At last my boat is finished and I can enjoy it. As you can see from the photos it does everything just right. To catch up for you I started building my riviera about 3 years ago and you have photos in webletter no. 8 and owing to lack of money has taken this long to complete. The building was the easy and cheap bit. Not so the mechanicals. But anyway the boat has a Chev V8 350 with about 325 hp and a Borg Warner gearbox driving a 13 x 12 prop. The boat does about 50 mph and gets there real quick so I think I should play with the pitch. Any suggestions? Every thing on the boat is built by me so Ive learned heaps. The boat is so unusual here in New Zealand that every time I take the boat out people just flock around feeling and touching it and putting dirty fingermarks on it. Bother! So many people have seen boats like this in movies but never in the flesh. The knowing ones who come for a look congratulate me on an excellent restoration and are blown away when I tell them its brand new. I have named the boat ADDICTION which seems kind of fitting and congratulate you guys at Glen-L for designing such a beautiful boat that any old mug with a little determination can build for himself. Beware though boatbuilding is very addictive as in my head I am already working on boat number 3. This boat will be bigger and .... nah that's another story.

Wayne Cox sometimes boatbuilder