Subject: More Bo Jest Photos
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 07:42:42 -0700
From: Michael J. Estes

As promised, here are a few more shots of my project. Note the angle of the boot stripe versus water line - don't have the head nor the fresh water tank in yet and might move the batteries from the stern compartment to the bow.
Handling is a thing of beauty - turns on its beam ends at low speed and will do 360 degrees in about four lengths at cruise speed, which at this time appears to be just over 6 kts. That is at 1200 rpm (600 at wheel). I can drive it all the way to 2200 at which point there is a whole lot of water being moved around rather pointlessly but I don't think it does more than about 9 kts. In the 6 to 7 kt range it seems to be burning just under 1/2 gallon per hour - not bad for an old 1953 Gray Marine. The figures given are careful estimates at this time - will work up more accurate ones when I get her out on salt water where I have accurate refference points to do time/distance calcs.

Mike Estes