Union Jack / Scott A. Ochocki / 01-13-02

Been a while since I submitted progress info on the U.J. Enclosed are pictures of the "Progress". Sin after sin has been committed, tools broken, stations and hull-plating bent twisted and torched, but she continues to look more and more like a boat every time I get my grubby paws on her. Biggest blunder to date is that I didn't get the radius formed at the bottom of the foreward stations during drafting, so I have this incredible gap from station 5 that only gets worse foreward. Not to worry, I've already found something in my bag of tricks to achieve a fair hull in the end.

Station 10 was to be a phantom station, I decided to make it the chain locker bulkhead to gain a little extra space in the birthing. Just hope there is enough room for rope and chain, with that kind of range I might need to anchor in some pretty deep water.

The gas engine is gone forever, I picked up a 60 hp Volvo diesel! She's complete with gear and heat-exchanger and weighs in at just over 600 lbs. It's perfect! Burns about 1.5 gallons per hour. I got the go-ahead to incorporate a water maker and use all the hull tanks for fuel, could easily extend the range beyond 2000 miles. I'll find room in the interior for plastic water tanks.

Making another trip to the building site on the 3rd weekend of January. Hope to get the motor moved to the building site and begin planning for the engine beds. I won't rest till she's in the water.