The Rob Roy as built by
Larry "Rehd" Brown, Fresno, Calif

09-22-01 / These pictures, although not of the best quality (Polaroids ), were taken during the initial cut out process. It was done in my living-room, where I'm remodeling and all my tools are presently located. I had lots of help (Stevie) in aligning the plans and planing the edges of the 4 piece stack of plywood sides. He's union and definitely takes his breaks. ;)

10-7-01: Sanded all four panels with 80 grit on ROS and knocked any splinters/burrs off the edges and around the drilled wire holes. Saturated the plywood panels, both sides with epoxy and squeegeed off the excess. Inserted copper wire into two holes on each panel and hung from the garage door for several hours. I noticed that the epoxy filled the wire holes, and went along and stuck a piece of wire through all the holes to clean it out. May still have to re-drill some to open them up for the copper wires when stitching. ( approx. 2 hours )

10-8-01: Epoxy was fairly cured/hard, enough to sand with 80 grit again, very lightly. Then laid the panels out on the lawn to see which sides I wanted where and what matched the best. Once I picked out locations, I put masking tape in a corner with location on it, all on the inside.