The Rob Roy as built by
Larry "Rehd" Brown, Fresno, Calif

1. This photo shows how I cut wide of the plans line and went back and planed the stack of 4 sides together so they would be identical.

2. Panels with saturation coat of epoxy, standing up to cure over night. Prior to sanding.

3. Epoxied panels sanded. Applied small plywood "straps" at the ends of the splits in the panels with thickened epoxy, using some pine and redwood saw dust mixed to try and match the color. Using the mahogany dust seemed to be too dark when wet with the epoxy. Laid them on the workbench and set bricks on the straps to hold them down for a few hours.

4. Epoxy/Glassing center joints. Bricks to hold down flush and clamps keeping edges flush. Plastic wrap under brick to keep it from sticking.