Subject: Finished Squirt Pictures
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001


With this e mail, I have attached 3 pictures of my finished squirt. We started building the frames 3 summers ago, and just completed it this summer (only working on them during the summer). The boat was built by my dad, my great uncle, and I. We actually built two boats, one for me, and one for my cousin. The second summer, we assembeled the frames, and got to the point of putting the deck on. This past summer, we we finished the deck, fiberglassed, and painted the two boats. There is still some finishing touches to be done on the boats (pinstriping) that we will be doing next summer. My boat (blue) will have a silver pinstripe with the design from the plans, the other boat is white and will have a red pinstripe. I also plan to get a windshield made for the boat. I had a lot of fun building this boat with my dad, and great uncle, and it was a great learning experience for me. I will send other pictures of my boat, and my cousin's boat once my scanner is fixed, so watch for them!

Robert Sprange
Lake of the Woods
Ontario, Canada