On the beach of Little Bell Island

Subject: Pictures of completed Sweet Caroline
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 12:34:32 -0330

Sean Dawe
Sweet Caroline
Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada

I am attaching some photos of the Sweet Caroline I completed August 2001. I originally purchased the plans in 1999 but was delayed in starting the actual project until the summer of 2000. That summer I managed to finish the framing of the boat- including attaching the chines, sheer clamps, battens, motor well and transom. Time and money ran out and I had to stop for the winter. The boat was left outside over the winter and, of course, we had one of the heaviest snow falls in recent history with over 600 cm of snow. I dug the boat out in May and found that the weight of the snow had actually snapped a sheer clamp and slighty twisted the rest of the boat. I got off lucky!!

Work progressed all through the summer of 2001. I built completely out of doors at this time. I would cover the boat with tarps for protection against both rain and sun. A lot of work was done after my two young children went to bed for the evening, so many times I was working in the peace and quiet of the night with the stars overhead. Fibreglassing was done in the early morning before the full heat of the sun.

I really enjoyed this project and I more than pleased with the results. The plans were easy to follow and I was amazed at how well everything fit together.

Fibreglassed and ready for sanding.

Painted but no gunwales or rub rails. 4 year old son playing "pirate ship"