Ready for the trailer.

I built this boat for the purpose of taking family and friends for trips on the bay (Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada). The intent was a strong, no- frills craft. The entire hull is sheathed in glass and Interlux Epiglass epoxy resign. As you will see in the pictures there is no exposed wood or fancy joiner work. Everything is coated with many coats of Dory Buff or Deck Red marine enamel - just like many of the small inshore fishing craft in the area. A cabin may be in order next year but for now I just have a small "cuddy" under the bow seat where we can throw our sweaters, food and small anchor.

The boat handles quite nice. I am using an old 20 hp Evinrude that pushes her along a good rate of speed. I was amazed at the stability of the boat - even in a chop. My last boat (retired two years ago) was a 16 foot planked fishing boat (called a "rodney" if you lived here in Newfoundland) that was heavy, slow and quite "rolly" in the waves. The Sweet Caroline is none of these. My last trip was in 6 foot long rolling swells (the kind where things on the horizon disappear) with about a 2 foot chop and everybody was dry and comfortable.

Let's just say you've got a family full of happy customers!!

Sean Dawe
Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada

On the trailer and ready to go. That's me in the hat (baseball hat, of course!)

Heading off for the first run. No, I will not be bringing it up and down this driveway everytime!. 4WD Subaru wagon has no trouble pulling the boat in and out of the water. Borrowed trailer not yet customized for this exact boat - rides too high!

She floats!! Notice guys in next boat watching. They were on fishery patrol and were both impressed and intrigued by the overall design and nice building job done on the boat.

Off the cliffs of Bell Island (That's the bell in the background)

This is what its all about - three very happy customers off the cliffs of Bell Island.

Wed, 07 Nov 2001 08:51:12 -0330

Still very happy with the boat. We went for a run on November 4 to watch whales and had a humpback leap completely out of the water only 100 feet or so away. Very impressive.

I think its finally time to put the boat away for the year. Then I will resign myself to simply looking at the bay and dreaming of spring.

Thanks for the great plans, the great help (via bulletin board and e-mail) and a great boat.