November 23, 2001

Attention: Mr. Glen L. Witt

Dear Sir:

I am enclosing a few pictures of the boat I have completed, "The Wanderlust", as previously indicated, for your perusal. I decided to go with an outboard motor because of the weight factor and if I had placed the stringers for an inboard, I would have needed to raise the deck about 3".

The boat performed extremely well, with speeds of 58 miles per hour, it planes beautifully, and I anticipate a lot more use of it in the coming year.

The boat took about one actual year of weekend and evening work too complete, although the elapsed time was about a year and a half due to other commitments. I installed two seats at the back, two seats over the top of the gas tank on the port side and I manufactured a Captain's chair using aluminum tubing and plates screwed and glued to the deck. It has full instrumentation. I have no hesitation to recommend it to anyone who wishes to build one this size.

Thank you for your help on the phone a couple of times.

Yours truly,

C.J. Thorpe
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada