Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 01:38:11 EST

James McLain
Mission Hills, CA

Well, I'm finally getting down to the wire, (I think). I just completed the external fiberglass covering. This was one of the hardest steps. So far I've put about 3 months into the project but it wouldn't have taken so long if the sun didn't go down before I even got home from work. I can only work on it on weekends for the time being. Another thing that slow you down is that you have to wait for each layer or fillet of resin to dry before you can sand and go to the next layer. I anticipate that putting the long shear running pieces is going to be the toughest part I have left. In fact I was testing the bendability of one of the sides that I had cut out and SNAP!!! Ooops. I'm still planning to use it but it will have to be in 2 pieces not one. I will probably cut the other one too so it looks like I meant to do it that way all along. Shhh, Don't tell anyone. Attachrd are some photos. And I may put up a whole web site once I'm finished.

Thank you for the excellent plans.


Real seats in place, but not attached...

Trim pieces afer staining...

Bow chamber showing extra seat support...