Subject: Rampage!
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002

Hi there, just surfing your site and thought I'd send you a pic of my completed project. Its been done for quite a while but I never noticed your online site had a place for boats built by customers. I can only hope this may encourage someone to undertake the project, it was alot of fun and I get compliments everywhere.

The boat is a Rampage named "Frayed Ends of Sanity" that I started in high school and finished a number of years later, almost 9!(mostly due to university getting in the way).

It has a 460 Ford bored to 468 spinning a Berkley pump The coaming was modified on the hull to give more legroom and is slightly more forgiving when a wave hits broadside when not on plane. A custom jet intake is getting me into the 75mph range and the motor turns less than 5000 rpm at this speed. I can't wait till we have it turning 6000!

The boat is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and doesn't very often stray very far from there, but occasioanlly gets trailered to the "cottage country" up north.

Thanks again, I hope you post the pic.

James Laughlin