Subject: boat photos, letter
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 18:08:41 -0500

This boat was built from a TNT frame kit in order to replace my older TNT. I finished the project just prior to the 2000 boating season. The boat has white oak frame with red oak splash rails and dash. I fiberglassed the hull and deck, making the boat very solid, much more so than the old boat that was not made with these materials. I also repainted my 1988 Mercury 25, which is such a great engine I had to make the boat black to match it! The low center of gravity engine and a fin on the bottom of the boat provide good tracking and turning, so I couldn’t be happier with the all-around performance. I learned of this Glen-L kit when my brother Ethan and my father first built a TNT, and we just love the safe, fast design!

Luke Stryker,
Penn Yan, NY

11 July 2008

In 2002 I had a letter and photos posted after building my TNT. Now, after years of good use it was time for me to put some work into it again. The interior epoxy was worn down in spots, causing some stains. The deck plywood was cracking and peeling badly, even though I had a couple fiberglass layers on top of it. A note to anyone about to build a Glen-L designed boat- use the highest quality marine plywood or hardwood planks intended for boat building. I used exterior grade plywood meant for home construction, and mistakenly thought the fiberglass and epoxy would work to keep it from coming apart.

This spring and summer I took off all the hardware on the boat and sanded it down. I applied a couple coats of epoxy over the interior and exterior, and used some fiberglass to patch the deck. With a foam roller I put several coats of epoxy paint, immediately following up with the tip of a foam brush to smooth out the bubbles that were formed. I found using the top of the line paint with the least expensive foam applicators to work best. The engine was sanded and spray painted with the manufacturer's touch-up paint. I used automotive pin-striping over the worn stripes of the original decals, which were still in good shape aside from that.

Thank you everyone at Glen-L and to all the boat builders who posted your projects and inspired me to go ahead with my projects. I now look forward to getting much more use out of the boat in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York State!