Zip #1

Subject: Past project photos.
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002

Attached are three new photo's I thought you might find interesting. The single B & W picture is your "Utility" running with a believe-it-or-not 35HP engine. The other two are of your "ZZZIP" and are two different boats. They are identical so both pictures represent their finished appearance. The one in the water preceded the cruiser "Sea Knight" I built later and the engine was transferred to that cruiser. A 4 blade bronze 10 x 10 prop was used with this engine on the cruiser and it ran about 17 MPH with this arrangement. This is the cruiser you already have pictures of on your site. I might add that all of these boats (Built in the mid 50's) were reinforced on the bottom of the hulls by adding vertical 3/4" wide members on top of all bottom battens and keel. These members extended to the top of the frame members and were corner blocked to the frames much the same as the racing Hydros of that era. This also included the "Sea Knight" cruiser which also had a bottom double planked with two layers of 1/4" Plywood and sheathed in fiberglass cloth and resin. This cruiser was new in the spring of 1959 and sold in the spring of 1961. I saw it only once after that in 1978 17 years later and it was still in use with a Vee 4 engine. I think it speaks well of the structural integrity of that hull. My upcoming second Sea Knight will be also as good or better.

Regards, Charles Bresette Jr.

Zip #2

The Utility as built by Charles Bresette Jr.