Subject: Billy's Power Skiff 14
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002

Dear Glen L,

I have recently completed a slightly modified version of you Power Skiff 14 and thought you might be interested in pictures and a short story...

I began building the Glen-L Power Skiff around January 2000 and with the exception of paint, the boat was complete in about two months.

Hats off to the folks at Glen-L who designed this kit. The stitch-n-glue method makes building a boat very fast and simple, if not for the time spent idle waiting for glue to dry, this boat could be built in less than a week.

My first effort at painting failed miserably due to not reading the directions carefully. The second coat attacked the first and I had to strip the entire mess and start over. This actually turned out in my favor because I gave the boat a test run before the second attempt at painting and discovered some problems that had to be corrected prior to painting. I had rounded the chines slightly, which caused water to wrap around the chines and up the sides of the boat instead of spraying out away from the boat. The second problem was the boat porposed when on plane.