Subject: TnT
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002

Hello everybody!
I had to slow down my building, the spring came a month earlier than usual, so lots of stuff to do outside the house. The keel is fastened, and now (April 20th) I am working on the chines. Not quite as easy as I thought, they tend to bend too much outwards, so maybe I have to use more strength to twist them a bit before I fasten them to the frames. Does anybody know this : Should the chine logs be level with the frame sides? (Yes) I would think so, but the chine logs seem to have a weird idea that they should be twisted and not at all level with the frame sides. Well well, let's see who's the strongest .....May the force be with me, and here's a pic taken two weeks ago, before I got the keel on.
Yeah, almost forgot, I just got the floatation foam. It's called ETHAFOAM, and is produced by DOW. Same stuff is being used in lifebelts, sailboards, in tunnels etc. Almost 100% waterproof, closed cells, and not too expensive. (Not cheap either....) It cost approx. $ 400,- for 1 cubic meter. And this amount will make 960 kilos floating. So I bought 0,33 cubic meters, should be enough for the TNT. I will also use this stuff to make soft keeps you warm also....

ok. Bye for now.
Erling Svegre
Vangsvik, Norway