My boat is ready!

I built the Yukon in 8 Years, 2 days a week most of the time alone, and I have never worked with wood and epoxy before. I also built the Yukon outside in the open air. In Holland the weather is not very dry, so it is not possible to build it a lot faster. The design is simple, but I have no experience with other designs. When I started building I was 18 Years old and it was my first Project. I built the Yukon and made her a bit longer (plans says max 10%) so I made her 39'.

We cruise some times in protected water but most of the time on open seas. Waves are no problem for the Yukon (for my wife is an different story), as long as they come from front or from behind, waves from the sides are not very comfortable. Our waves on the North Sea are very short. When we cruise slow the boat jumps with the waves, but when we go faster the boat is steady although there comes a lot of water over the boat.

Maneuvering with the Yukon is easy when there is no wind but when there is a strong wind maneuvering is more difficult because he catch a lot of wind. I have built in a bowthruster to fix this problem. It is easy to build in the pipe for the bowthruster when You make hull, later this would be much more difficult.

We cruise now 3 Years with the Yukon we called "Millennium" and it is a very fine ship. Speed is about 9.5 knot, normally we cruise at 7 knots @ 1600 rpm. full speed is 2600 rpm. I installed an new Engine Vetus Deutsch 128 HP tubo diesel but now I think 100hp we be more the enough. At cruising speed the engine use 5 liters p. hour.

I am sending You a photo from my boat. As You can see it is not exactly built as the building plans, because we wanted more space in the aftroom.

If You start building let me know I can help You with my experience.

Sorry for my English writing.

Erik Jansen

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