Turning the hull

06-04-2003: My Tango is right side up at last. I had always been concerned about this part. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was able to do this by myself. I used two electric hoists. One overhead and the other at 90 degrees. I used a tow strap wrapped around the building form and up the starboard side to give it roll. I attached the other hoist to an upright of the canopy that I have been building under and as the boat approached 45 degrees I attached it directly to the building form. As the boat reached the tip over point I pulled the 90 degree hoist to avoid the jerk of tip over. Then I let her down gently. Also note how level the beer is with respect to the boat (or vise versa).

3-8-04: I have been working on a design for a kick-up rudder all winter. Little I could do on my Tango due to cold weather. The centerboard is now installed and the weather turned nice this weekend so I took my Tango to the lake for a leak check before beginning the cabin construction. I put her in the water and tied her off at the dock and left her there all day while I sailed with a friend. At the end of the day she was bone dry in the bilge so I am a happy boat builder. Attached is picture of my boat at the lake. As you can see I need to fiberglass the deck before starting the cabin. But if this warm weather holds that should go quickly. With any luck I will be sailing her sometime this summer.