Subject: Bo-Jest project
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 20:08:54 EDT

Glen-L Marine Designs

I have just completed "RASCAL" which is based on the BO-JEST design with my take on how the boat would best suit our needs. The hull to the deck level was built exactly to the plans with almost everything above the deck built with my ideas. Among the major changes are the following:
1. Moving of the pilothouse bulkhead aft to the station 1. location.
2. Reducing the pilothouse/cabin width approx. 8" total to give more width in the walkaround decks.
3. Redesign of the pilothouse to give a completely different look and to me a Trawler like look.
4. Use of custom built aluminum framed windows to go with the Trawler look.
5. Elimination of the rounded cabin front in favor of a flat front.
6. Complete boxing in of the bulwarks to give a cleaner look and easier maintained deck area.
7. A complete revamp of the interior (as shown in the pictures) to give us the space and accomadations we wanted.