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Subject: Kingfisher: ATTN Barry
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 09:50:08 -1200

My two sons and I began this project last year and registered our project in October. We extended it to 19' which just fit inside the work area. As soon as the steering installation is complete, we will be ready to launch. I have equipped the boat with a dual system for safety. I have two independent fuel, electrical and power systems in case one has a problem the other will see us through. Many stories and disasters are told about traveling and fishing in Fiji waters. The waters here justify the added expense of a duel system. Fuel tanks are installed under the cockpit. I had to modify the stock fuel tanks I ordered by catalog for they were 1/2 inch to large. If I had purchased them first I could have adjusted the frames to accommodate their size.

I have twin 40 hp Mercury outboards ready to mount. I have a temporary trailer but the weight of the boat will require a heavier model. I modified the casting deck to make the cockpit larger in the bow. The new configuration makes the casting deck into seating. I also built an anchor well in the bow.

I modified the storage area under the front seat of the control console by insulating it with Styrofoam and making it into a ice chest. A small drain was installed in the side. I found the plans very easy to follow and the materials list extremely valuable.

I hope the attached photos tell our story.

James D. Johnson
South Pacific Field Director
Church of the Nazarene
Suva, FIJI

Fastening the planking...