Subject: Finally Done!
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 17:43:14 -0400

I'll bet Barry will be glad to hear my TNT is finally done. No more E-mail questions!

Seriously, I want thank Barry and everyone else at Glen-L for being so helpful over the past months. Now that it's on the water, all of the efforts have proven worthwhile. The TNT handles great and it accelerates like a rocket. I am running a stock 30 HP Johnson. As I get used to it, I may play with the engine height, tilt and prop selection -- just for grins.

You probably hear about fathers and sons building their first boat together all the time, however, the difference here is that I'm in my forties, and may father is in his seventies! I made a mistake in the stem height, which caused the nose to sweep upward (I actually like the way it looks), but as Barry Witt pointed out, this didn't affect the performance at all.

Future plans are to paint the hull and put more varnish on the deck, but for the rest of the summer, I'm going to enjoy it.

Great kit, great support... thanks, again. Looking forward to my next one.

Pat Keegan,
Brandon, Florida