Subject: Sea Kayak complete
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 22:37:16 -0500

After over a year of on and off construction, I recently completed work on my Sea Kayak. I've named her the "Sturgeon" in honor of the sacred postion of that fish in Ojibway culture, plus like me it's native to Wisconsin. The boat was built pretty much to plan, but I did use KayakSport hatches in place of the recommended Becksons. I also decided to use sheer clamps at the deck to hull junction. This allowed the deck to be cut slightly oversize and trimmed after installation. I believe this was easier than trying to stitch that seam together and have a fair sheer. Overall the construction was very trouble free, even for a first time builder like myself. I found your plans very clear and easy to use, and the transfer paper was extremely handy! I've taken her on a few short paddles and she seems to handle quite sweetly. I really look forward to many enjoyable hours and days exploring with her. I'm afraid the boat-building bug has bitten me pretty hard, as I'm already plotting out my next one, probably a tandem kayak.
Joe Stromski