Ready for fiberglass...

September 22, 2002

Dear Glen-L

I'm finished.

I finished my squirt over a month ago and thought I would write to you to let you know how things went. The following page you could add to my project registry as my last posting. I have also included some pictures for you to use if you want. It's not as nice as some I have seen on your website but I like it.

You can see the deck at the back that I have as a cutaway. I have bolts through it that are easily removed, but hold it secure when underway. I used carpet from an auto upholstery place that I got cheap-really made a nice touch and feels good on the feet.

The project was fun to do. My neighbors couldn't believe I was building a boat in my garage and were always coming over to check on the progress. I think they were surprised when I got it finished in August.

Plywood has epoxy on it which gives it a nice shine. Ready for decking fiberglass. My son Tyler checks the steering. You can see the door frame I used for the building form. It was high enough to have clearance for the fin. I used pipe insulation on the frame for cushioning.