Subject: 16' Drifter picture
Date: 10/14/02

Here's my 16 ft. drifter. Finished, floating, fishing off the Kenai river this fall 9/2002). Sorry took so long to get a picture into you. The rower seat is actually a large cooler and pad (economical spacesaver especially for long trips) that's adjustable (2' worth) up and down the boat via holes drilled for 9/16" all-thread that serve to lock it into place. Like the rower's seat, the rower's foot rest is adjustable as are the oar positions - all in 6" increments. This accomodates any rower's arm/leg length. Would not change anything. The front bench has sliding, overlapping oak panel doors accessable from front or back for items like tackle, life jackets, etc. Modified the transom a little so have extra seat there which has a hinged top for more storage. Ran conduit containing anchor rope from a foot brake to the transom and works great. Have fished it at all summer and it is a pleasure.