Subject: Finished Ski Tow
Date: 10/14/02

Well its finished!. It looks good and runs great.Some specs. 860 LBS. Ready to run less people. 1961 Mercury 700 full gear shift (70 h.p.).Planes at 18 knots with 3 adults, 1 kid & 2 small dogs. Tops out at 35 with same load. Cruises like a caddy at 25. Would probably run 40 with less people but there were always people wanting a ride or to go fishing. Took 1 1/2 years to build. Some late nites, long week ends & some tense moments, but when I took the cover off and put it in the water (and it floated) it was worth all the work. Thanks for the great plans, help & nice hardware. Greg Morrell.