May 22, 2004

It took me almost three years to complete the Sweet Caroline. It was largely a solo effort. As can be seen in the photos, I took liberties with the design. First, I extended the hull 15" to accommodate the oversize center console. I compensated for this by adding two extra frames. I also added a deck. The space between the deck and the bottom is filled with foam. The center console contains a built-in fuel, battery, cabling and large space for storage. The keel is red oak, exterior plywood is Philippine-mahogany marine. The deck, trim and cleats are white oak. With all this extra weight, the 30 horse Honda barely gets her on plane. However, this is more than adequate for the fishing and light cruising for which she was intended. She slices through waves beautifully when hitting them head on, but is a bit tender when hit broadside.

She was a pleasure to build, and I am very pleased with the result. She gets lots of attention and favorable comments whereever she goes... just like her namesakes.


Steve Mitchell