Subject: Tunnel Mite project
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2002

My name is Peter and I Started working on the tunnel might in late September have completed the Frame, Transom and Bottom. The work has been halted now for about a month now due to the cold, the epoxy doesn't work when it gets cold and the electric heat in my (drafty) barn only adds 10 degrees to the outside temp. I keep hoping for that 60 degree Indian summer day but am slowly loosing hope for this season. The cold weather has given me time to repair the 20 HP mercury outboard. Work on this project has caused lots of other projects to be completed. For instance to make room for the construction I had to move a 250' role of 4 conductor #2 wire that I bought 3 years ago to run electricity out to the barn. I couldn't just set the wire out in the weather so I Dug a ditch and buried the wire and connected the barn to the house electric. That helped with electric heat. Many other little nuisance projects like that have popped up and been completed. I have temporarily suspended the project from the ceiling to make room for other projects (the motor) and can hardly wait for spring. It should make for a longer winter (skiing). If anyone in the New Hampshire / Vermont area is building, has built or is considering the Tunnel Might Get in touch with me. I expect to be afloat on the lakes in June this coming spring. See Project Registry

Peter Nicola