My boat is constructed with marine plywood on the bottom painted metallic brick red. All other plywood is ribbon cut mahogany, The entire hull and deck is covered in 4 oz. Deck cloth and topped with automotive clear coat, which is in turn coated with the most expensive polish I could find. All other structural wood was birch, which was custom cut and milled. For the trim I fabricated and polished stainless steel to a mirror finish. I also designed and selected the upholstery but had it custom sewn. The sewing is the only work I didn't do. The windshield is a story in itself It was purchased ($18 can.) used and abused. I cut 2" off the top and bottom, removed 10" from centre, cut and welded trim, then sanded and polished plexiglass and trim back to almost new. Two days of effort saved me $500.00.